Montenegro - Virgin Bay Resort

The international tourism boom is continuing. With regard to the currently predicted stagnation and recession, medium to long
term will show that nothing will stop people from realizing their holiday dreams. This will range from a two-week package tour
by the sea to building a luxury holiday home in Mediterranean climate.

Fact is the globalisation of markets has developed a huge tourism potential, whose demand cannot be covered by the
traditional holiday resorts in Western- and Southern Europe. Here Montenegro with Virgin Bay lends itself as a new destination.
Our project will become a trailblazer for international tourism for the future.

The complete business plan and the binding endorsement by the city of Budva to realize the complete planning and execution
by our company is in place. Furthermore, the government of Montenegro has given its approval for the implementation of this
project as it sees this as an important indication for the continuing development of the country.

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VIP Immo Invest Montenegro d.o.o., Budva – Montenegro, Pod Dubovicom 9/2