Montenegro – Virgin Bay Resort

The ancient kingdom of Montenegro (serb.-croat.: Crna Gora) emerged from the union of former Yugoslavia. It emerged as a separate
country with a stable democratic government in 2004. Montenegro officially applied to join the EU in December 2008 and is the only
country outside the EU to have the Euro as the national currency.
Montenegro has an area of just 13.812 km² and a population of only 627.000, but this small country is still a land of superlative.
It has the deepest canyon – only the Grand Canyon is deeper -the southern most fjord and, with Skadar Lake, the largest lake
in the Balkans. Added to which is a beautiful part of the Adriatic coast with picturesque bays and little islands. Already, Montenegro
is being called the Pearl of the Adriatic and Monaco of the Balkans. Gentle hills, steep mountains, quiet bays, mile long beaches
and quaint, well-preserved, ancient old coastal towns with historical town centres characterise this land.

The coastal climate of Montenegro is Mediterranean and mild. It boasts more than 2,500 hours of sunshine as per annum. On the
occasion of a meeting, at 2007 with the foreign minister of Montenegro we were given assurances of fullest cooperation and support
by him and the government. Tourism shall play a major role in the future development of the country. Work on the infrastructure is
heavily in progress. A new motorway is planned and the two airports Podgorica and Tivat will be extended. Consequently,
the government is doing its utmost to further tourism development